Below are comments of those who have attended Father Andy O'Reilly's parish missions.

"Parishioners found Fr. Andy to be practical, inspiring and down to earth. He identified the joys and struggles of life as places where we meet God and as opportunities to show God's love to others"
- Fr. Del Staigers
Pastor of St. Veronica Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Fr. Andy was formerly pastor of St. Augustine. Many remembered his gift for preaching and looked forward to hearing him again. His talks were thoughtful and entertaining and offered much material for further reflection."
- Br. Matt Schaeffer, C. PP.S
Director of Faith Formation St. Augustine Parish, Rennselaer, Indiana.

"Fr. Andy fulfilled our hope for a spiritual and uplifting mission. Parishioners commented that he helped them apply their faith to everyday life. One Person even said it helped lower his blood pressure."
- Gus Zuehlke
Director of Faith Formation St. Bavo Parish, Mishawaka, Indiana

As pastor, I personally appreciated Fr. Andy's message and mission. There were many positive comments from parishioners who attended. Lives were touched by his compassionate words."
-Fr. George Wenzinger
 Pastor of St. Mary's , Leipsic, Ohio

"Fr. Andy O'Reilly  has a powerful message for everyday living. Every parish owes it to its members to have this presentation. By no means is this just a Lenten service. This is for all seasons. No pastor should miss this if  at all possible."
-Fr. Bob Hunt
  Mission and Retreat preacher for 35 years

"Thank you so much. I believe this mission  is the reason I came to Florida at this time. You have helped me gain the strength I need to return to Buffalo"
-Bonnie Grabensatter, Buffalo, NY

"Fr. Andy's mission presented stories as he  experienced them in his own life and was able to touch many hearts. There is a  simplicity and genuineness in his witness which makes it apppealing, encouraging and challenging. He comes across to his listeners as a man who has personally experienced the healing love of God."
-Vito Napoletano
  Former President of the International Stewardship Council

"Fr. Andy shared many freeing  images that can enable us to live more fully. One such image is that a person is  "the proprietor of one's mind and can give an eviction notice to unwelcome, hurtful ideas"
-Fr. Bill Hanley
  Former Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes, Melbourne, Fl. 

 "Thank you for your mission. You made our vacation in Florida very memorable."
-Joanne Ellis, Buffalo, NY

 "Fr. Andy,  a gifted storyteller, uses his warmth, humor, and compassion to touch heartss His simple down-to-earth message provides the listener with hope and renewed determination to rely on God and renew their lives."
-Debbie O'Malley

 “Fr. Andy O’Reilly’s mission/retreat began with a strong loving invitation at Sunday Mass – and it delivered a message of compassion and the unconditional love of a merciful God. It was full of insight based on Scripture. The message of the mission was very positive, witty and full of a successful pastor’s wisdom and experience, which is the result of a lived faith with God’s people. It was very well received. I recommend Fr. Andy to you without hesitation.”
-Fr. Paul Henry
  Director of the Mary Queen of the Universe Basilica, Orlando, Florida  

 "Father Andy's Mission was just what we needed!  He is a wonderful speaker.  In this busy world of ours, he reminded us of what we somtimes tend to forget, such as God's unconditional love for us and just how very special each one of us is in God's eyes.  It was an uplifting experience for us and lighted a fire in our hearts!"
-Carl & Marie Mello

 "Thanks so much for the beautiful MISSION! I stayed in the front row because I didn’t want to miss a word. I was inspired by so many thoughts, but especially the one when you said : Jesus, from the CROSS, had to have HIS FATHER help him to say the words of forgiveness!!!!!! WOW! That gives me HOPE!!!! "
-Dr. Lynne Nasrallah

 "A consummate storyteller, whose humor and insight keeps the audience entertained and attentive. "
-Sean Heaney

“Fr. Andy speaks with so much heart!  His wisdom, compassion, and humor keeps his listeners “tuned in” and wanting more!  We were grateful for Father Andy’s mission, it was just what we needed and we look forward to his next one!”
-Sue & Jim Densmore   

“Fr. Andy spoke a message that touched many hearts over the weekend and during the week. I am confident that everyone came away with a deeper sense of who they are and what God is asking them.”
-St. John the Baptist Church, New Haven Indiana